Gizzelle (USA)

One of the planet's best singers. A voice that is pure heart and soul.


The Stompin' Riff Raffs (Japan)

This band is the world's wildest band playing late 50s and early 60s rock n' roll.


Sonny West (UK)

One of the best guitarists on this planet, easy on the eyes, and a voice to melt stones. A tornado on stage and fantastic rock n roll.


Carlos the Bandido (UK)

More information soon. 


The Hi Tones (Russia)

From ice cold Moscow, this band is used to clear the snow with their sizzling hot rock n roll sound.


Rockin' Rick and the Rhythm Wranglers (USA)

If you like your rock 'n roll sleazy, greasy and savage - these fellas deliver (first ever show in Europe).


Los Blancos (USA)

A powerhouse of early 60s frat rock n roll. A band that always gets the room rockin' and rollin'.


Terrorsaurs (UK)

A band without a singer that don't play any boring surf shit. Mean, loud and savage guitar sounds.


The Downbeats (USA)

Fantastic pure 50s styled rock n roll, not a jukebox cover band with mostly original rock n roll.


Roy Dee and the Spitfires (POR)

More information soon.


Chuy Bobcat (Mexico)

Back from the badlands of Mexico, still with the voice to break hearts. A true modern Don Juan singing his own take on rock n roll/ and rockabilly. A rare appearance in Europe.


The Rhythm Torpedoes (Germany)

Out of the wild woods of Germany comes this fantastic band playing rock n roll music of today, not the past. Loud and proud.


Elvis Cantu (USA)

If you like your rock n roll unique, then this is the fella for you. A mix of rock n roll, rockabilly, swamp blues, and country.


Lil Sal and the Wildtones (Holland)

Rock n roll music is not a thing of the past and this band play today's rock n roll with a fire and fury.


Bebo and the Goodtime Boys (USA)

Again rockabilly is not music of the past, and when it's done as well as Bebo and the guys, it's amazing and authentic rockabilly of today and the future. No jukebox rock n roll covers here.


The Greasemarks (Canada)

A truly exciting rock n roll band that play their music with fire and passion. They give 100% every show (first show in Europe).


Pachuco Jose

More information soon.


Two Timers (USA)

A new wild band from California playing pure 50s rockabilly music, written for today's fans of rock n roll. Powerful and hot - lead by Mr. Cuddles (first show in Europe).


Sparks Boys (Russia)

Fantastic new wild band playing 100% original rock n roll music - raw and powerful.


Los Killertones (Mexico)

Fantastic new wild band playing savage wild, crazy rock n roll music (first show in Europe).


Rampage (UK)

A new hot young band from the UK playing wild and crazy rockabilly and rock n roll - fresh and exciting.


Note: all bands/schedule subject to change.