About Wild Records Europe

Wild Records was started by Reb Kennedy in 2001. The first band that was officially signed to the label was the infamous Lil Luis y Los Wild Teens. Since then, Wild Records has developed a stable of 20+ of the world's hottest rockin' acts. In 2015 they've started a European chapter.

Reb Kennedy (picture by Daniel Funaki)

Wild Records appreciates and understands the influence that the original rockabilly legends have had and continue to have on the rockin' scene. Wild Records does not look to the past with the development of the label or the acts on the labels. We believe the music of the bands of our label is as relevant as any other genre of music of today.

Wild Records will continue to develop our label and seek to find further talents to add to our roster.


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People of Wild

  • Reb Kennedy
    Founder, A/R, Band Management, Artist Development, Record Producer/Mastering
  • Hayden Kennedy
    Owner, Producer
  • Jenny Lin-Kennedy
    Retail Sales Coordinator, Website Designer/Moderator
  • Omar Romero
    Session Musician (Guitar, Harmonica, Bass, Percussion), Head Studio Engineer
  • Bebo Garcia
    Session Musician (Bass, Percussion), Asst Studio Engineer
  • Victor Mendez
    Musician/Session Musician (Piano, Upright Bass, Violin)
  • Jeff Gerow
    Session Musician (Drums, Percussion)
  • Alex Vargas
    Session Musician (Bass/Upright Bass, Vocals, Piano)
  • Marlene Perez
  • Dave Williams
    Melrose Music Mastering - Mastering Engineer
  • Daniel Funaki
    Official Wild Records Photographer
  • Danny Bermudez
    Artist, Hand drawn
  • Tom Calleeuw
    Wild Records Europe