The Montesas

The Montesas The Montesas

The Sultans of Beat strut in to town to deliver their own unique brand of musical mayhem!

It is no wonder that the MONTESAS are quite possibly one of the most unique and unusual bands on the world music circuit today. Their harmonized masterpieces come in so many styles which please the masses, the world over, from coast to coast. From raw stripped down blues bop to tough, in-your-face-no-holds-barred rockabilly stomp! It don’t stop there dear music lover, the MONTESAS are masters of Organ grinding space Freak-beat and dirty guitar-fueled rock’n’roll. This is not your run of the mill greasy chicken combo but a five star feast which will leave you licking your lips for more!
The popularity of this flipped out, frantic German outfit has grown like an outta control space fungus taking over the planet! Nothing short of electrifying, The MONTESAS excite your nervous system like a junkie on crack!! A visual wonder and a carnival for your ears! Your life may never quite be the same again...

Additional Info

  • Band members:

    Marcel Bontempi - vocals, guitar

    Dr. Mobilux - drums

    Judy Belafonte - vocals, bass

    Mikele Fabuloso - vocals, organ

    Ira Lee - vocals

    Maria Mariachi - vocals

  • Band location: Kassel, Germany