The Stompin' Riffraffs

The Stompin Riffraffs Daniel Funaki

Stompin’ Riff Raffs are made up of a man, Nao (guitar & vox), and his three chicks: Rie (bass), Miku (keyboard & theremin), and Saori (drums).

Stompin’ have been regular fixtures of the Tokyo underground since they started playing together in 2006. Their tenacity on stage is only matched by their dedication to the craft; if you’re in Tokyo and they’re not playing that weekend, it’s probably because they’re off touring their native Japan or somewhere on the other side of the globe. Their first major release on Wild Records, 2015’s A Man and Three Chicks hurdles listeners down a twisted tunnel of frantic and depraved rock and roll abandon that only the weird and wild Riff Raffs could imagine. Their 2017 single on Wild, Phantom Rock, is a testament to the gallery of ghastly horrors that infest Nao’s gnarled psyche.

Stompin’ Riff Raffs combine all the glorious elements of ‘50s golden age rock and roll with the ferocity of early ‘60s garage punk that will leave you a sweat-covered, breathless, dancing husk of a human once their aural onslaught takes hold of your mind.

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