The Terrorsaurs

The Terrorsaurs Daniel Funaki

Instro-Schlock from the swamp! Raw Primal Surf Beats & Savage Guitar Driven Schlock 'n' Roll! The Terrorsaurs is a UK based instrumental Rock N Roll band. Their first record "Legends from time and swap" was release on Wild in 2014. Their second release "Atomic Lizard Party" was released Feb 2015.

Additional Info

  • Band members:

    Crawlin' King Fink - cute 'n slimy lounge lizard and four string hitter

    El Demonio - ayatollah of rock 'n rolla and six string picker

    Big Joe Espionage - undisputed Lord of Beatsville and kit smacker

  • Band location: Swampland (the grime 'n' slime of central England)

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