Los Wild Ones is a documentary about Wild Records; the founder, the family, the future.

For almost a full year Wild had cameras following them around making a movie about our little family.  After a long wait and a lot of hard work from the producers of the movie, it's released in the US (March 11th, 2016).

The movie is about people and their passion for music, it shows that you can run a business (badly) and have true and honest love for the people you work with, without trying to fuck them over.

Life is not about the $$$.

In the movie you will see love, heartbreak, pain, loss, rock n roll, and some bullshit - all the things that make the Wild family the real deal.

I can't say this loud or often enough, I wake up every day and look around me and think "WOW", I am so lucky to have so much love and talent in my life.  The Wild Family is full of amazing and talented people, who are honest and true with their love for each other and our music.


Check the movie out (and let me know what you think) 

- Reb Kennedy

The movie is not available yet in Europe but will be in a couple of weeks.