Are there different ways to ship?

Yes, currently we offer these way of shipping out your orders:

  • Package by shipping service
    • Secured shipping, tracking ID available upon request
  • Pickup at our merch stand
    • When we have an official Wild Records Europe merch stand at an event, you can pick up your order here. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to know where we'll be or send us a message.
  • Package by postal service
    • (This is a new way of shipping which we're testing). This is non-insured shipping with no tracking ID and at the risk of the buyer but it's the cheapest way to ship your order. Due to weight and measurements restrictions we can only use this for small orders like max. 3 CD's or max. 3 45's or 1 t-shirt; not for vinyl LP. 

Do you ship to everywhere in Europe?

Shipping varies per country. To know the price for your country you can use the Estimate shipping fee-function at the shopping cart.

If your country is not selected in the drop down list, send us a message to get a shipping fee.

For some parts there can be extra costs, like island costs.

Have your shipping rates changed?

Yes, starting from March 1st 2017 we have our brand new eCommerce solution with shipment per country. For some countries this mean shipping got a lot cheaper, for other countries it might have become more expensive.

We're negotiating better prices right now. If you're affiliated with a parcel service and can get us a good services with good prices, feel free to contact us.

When will my order be shipped?

After receiving your payment we will prepare your parcel and take it to our delivery service. We're dropping off parcels once a week unless there are a lot of orders; then we try to do it quicker.

During periods where there are a lot of shows or tours this might take a few weeks as we can't send out orders when we're on the road.

Our delivery service Bpost will take it to you in no time.

We're a small company and can't afford free shipping or next day shipping.